Sermon Outlines and Charts
The PDF Outlines and PPT Charts are to be used to the glory of God. However, I do ask that if you use any of the PPT charts, that you give credit to Richard Thetford as the originator of the charts.
There's A Great Day Coming
Preparing Our Heart to Seek the Law of the Lord
Backsliding Preventives
Who is Your Father?
Love is the Foundation
Our Transformation
The Souls of Hell's Eternity
Running the Race of Our Life!
Seeing Ourselves as God Sees Us
Choosing the Right Road
The Brevity of Life
Let Us Examine Ourselves
The Marks of a Mature Christian
  • Outline
Taking Responsibility For Our Actions
Life's Journey to the End
Am I?
Lost Religious People
What Is a Christian?
What Counsel Do You Seek?
Questions of Life
The Need for Bible Study
The Source and Object of Man's Love
Growing Older
Your Progress May Be Evident to All
Redeeming the Time
Adopt A High Way
Given to Hospitality
Committing Ourselves to Excellence
Character and Reputation
Steps to Spiritual Maturity
The Paradox of Contentment
Seven "Blunders" of Man
Are We an Imitation or Genuine Believer?
People of Good Reputation
The Battle Within
The Change of Heart
Fellowship With the Lord
Certainties That Should Sober Us
The Golden Calf and the Christian
The Sin of In-sliding
God's People Are Special
What Should We Do With Our Conscience?
Standing Up for the Truth
Being Abel Minded
Temptations and Trials
The Renewing of Our Mind
My Life, My Faith, My Hope
The Christian: Winning By Losing
Drawing Close to God
The Shield of Faith
Daily Bible Reading
Why Am I Here?
Purposeful Living
The Fear of the Lord
Words That Describe the Christian
The Marks of Maturity
Who Is Able to Stand?
A Caring People
Rooted in Love
Why Do People Blame God?
Be An Example to the Believers
Troubled Hearts
Earthly and the Eternal
Overcoming Anxiety
Finding Wisdom
True Conversion
​A Word Fitly Spoken
A Christian's Moral Attire
Color Blindness but Soul Seeing
Drawing Near to God
Growing Spiritually
Who We Are
I Am Resolved
Walking in the Light
Spiritual Growth
Children of God
Four Fundamental Needs
Respect for Authority
Reflecting on a Life Lived
Courage, Commitment, and Confession
Open Minds
Contented with Crumbs
The Christian's Life of Thankfulness
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