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Central church of Christ of Fremont
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​The Central church of Christ of Fremont is looking to hire a full time evangelist who is willing to work diligently for the Lord. Our current evangelist will be stepping down from his position due to health concerns, effective in early October. We are a small group of Christians who are seeking a motivated, knowledgeable and hardworking man who loves God and the gospel. The Central church of Christ has been in existence since the early 1960's and has had both full and part time evangelists over the years. We are located in southern Alameda County at the south east end of the San Francisco Bay area. The cities of Fremont, Newark and Union City make up the Tri-Cities area with a total population of approximately 371,000. We currently rent a facility that is in a great location and meets our needs. We have the financial ability to support a full time evangelist. If you know of any highly motivated evangelist, willing to move to the Tri-Cities area, please have him contact one of the men listed below.
Contact: Jim Diaz  (510) 793-0968  keddiekid333@gmail.com
Contact: Dave Parks  (510) 792-6914  panzrdad@yahoo.com
Correspondence Address: Central church of Christ of Fremont, 38069 Martha Ave. #100, Fremont, CA  94526
Date Updated: October 24, 2023

San Bernardino church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.faithlight.org
Comments: ​Established: Mid/late-1800 (2nd CoC in California; 1st in SoCal) Reorganized: October 1908 (extant records) First permanent location (Bellevue): 1925 Second permanent location: Mountain View, 1946, no debt incurred Last move: 48th Street, April 2018, no debt incurred, near Cal State University-SB (1 mile) Elders: 1932, ordained by Homer Hailey; included Gowan Evans (served 53 years), John Gravley (served 55 years); since 1980s, include Leon Hall, Jim Horton, Bob Witherington, Jack Gilliland, Lee Wolf, Art Maddox, John Garcia, Dirk Driskill, Larry Smith, Royce Bell, Kevin Young Major strengths: Fully supporting since 1930s; strong financial reserves, in spite of recent declines; very evangelistic, 3-4 weeks / year, over 160 preachers / coworkers invited/joined to do street / campus / public spaces evangelism; over 10,000 Bibles distributed (English & Spanish); prior to 2000, over 20 preachers/ year supported; very benevolence sensitive; multi-cultural; bilingual (Spanish); No debt; RV-friendly property; doctrinally sound; strong elders w/excellent counsel skills; at peace Major concerns: High property values, demographic concerns from growth of LA area moving to SB suburb Environment: Several major universities: including California State Univ-SB, Loma Linda Univ, Univ of California-Riverside, Univ of Redlands, Cal State Polytechnic Univ-Pomona, Claremont McKenna College; Azusa Pacific Univ, Cal Baptist Univ, LaSierra Univ; mountainous area (1 mile); snow / skiing; lakes; desert (Palm Springs); Las Vegas (3.5 hours); major symphony orchestra; major legitimate theater.
Contact: Larry Smith  (909) 754-8506  larry.afterhours@gmail.com
Contact: Kevin Young (951) 818-1035  jimjosh2@dslextreme.com
Correspondence Address: 651 West 48th Street, San Bernardino, CA  92407
Date Updated: August 1, 2023

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Manatee County Church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​The Manatee County church of Christ in Bradenton, Florida, is seeking a full-time minister, preferably someone who is bilingual in English and Spanish. While we can pay some support, we are looking for someone that might have a secular job or be willing to look for support from other congregations. We do not currently have elders, but we do have about 30-35 members in regular attendance of which 40% are Spanish speaking. We own our building located at 3705 7th St E. in Bradenton where we have been located for 40 years.
Contact: Steve Dargan  (832) 515-8846  ksdargan@comcast.net
Correspondence Address: Manatee County church of Christ, P. O. Box 553, Palmetto, FL  34220-0553
Date Updated: October 24, 2023

Middleburg church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.middleburgchristians.com
Comments: ​The fields are white for personal workers! Middleburg church of Christ is looking for a full-time personal work evangelist who could serve with our primary evangelist in the prisons, the church, and the community in this area. We are a group of around 100 in Middleburg, FL (the greater Jacksonville area) with an established eldership and full-time evangelist. We're looking for a man who sees his strength as teaching personal Bible studies. Pulpit work in the assembly here would be minimal but would be at least monthly in the prisons. We want you to have a primary focus on personal evangelism, with the bulk of your efforts directed toward generating and teaching personal and small group Bible studies. We expect you to spend about 50% of your time involved in prison ministry and with the men in transition from prison. The man we are looking for would need to be old enough and experienced enough to successfully reach men in the prisons, although his work would also be with the church here and in the surrounding community. We're praying for God to provide a worker in the fields here.
Contact: Justin Kean  (949) 652-1215  justinkean.jk@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Middleburg church of Christ, 3155 County Road 215, Middleburg, FL  32068
Date Updated: September 12, 2023

Sopchoppy church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.facebook.com/sopchoppychurchofchrist
Comments: ​The church of Christ at Sopchoppy, Florida, is seeking a partially supported full-time minister. This growing area of the "Forgotten Coast" in the panhandle of Florida is ripe for spreading the gospel message. We do not have elders, but we do have about 25 members in regular attendance. Our congregation consists of all ages from young couples to seniors. In addition, we regularly have visitors who are vacationing in the area or own rental homes along the coast. We own our building located at 58 Winthrop Avenue in Sopchoppy where we have been located for over 50 years. If you are interested in applying for this position, please email sopchoppychurchofchrist@gmail.com.
Contact: David Moody  (850) 519-0605  sopchoppychurchofchrist@gmail.com
Contact: Gary Durrett  (850) 877-8670  sopchoppychurchofchrist@gmail.com
Date Updated: October 24, 2023

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Blackfoot church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: We are a small congregation doing our best to teach the Bible to the Blackfoot community. We hold to God's word and strive to be a shining light in this community. We live in a tough area with lots of Mormon influence. We'd love to have a Preacher to work with us and can provide some support. Contact us for more information.
Contact: Chad Mitchell  (208) 221-2587  chadmanblue@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Blackfoot church of Christ, P. O. Box 158, Blackfoot, ID  83221
Date Updated: November 5, 2023

Southside church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​The Southside church of Christ is a congregation of about 35-40 saints who meet in east-central Illinois. We come together Sunday mornings for Bible study and worship, Sunday evenings for worship, and Wednesday evenings for Bible study. We have several men who regularly preach and teach, and we would like to continue this. What we are looking for in a full-time evangelist is a man who will be devoted to personal work in the Mattoon area and help us all to improve our efforts in personal evangelism. The ideal man will have experience with personal work initiatives and be eager to apply what he’s learned in a way that strengthens our church’s efforts in reaching the lost. Based on our current position, we hope to provide full financial support for an evangelist for a few years. We do not have multiple men qualified to be elders at this time, but we do have several who are very involved and eager to help with the work of the church.
Contact: Don Davis  (217) 254-2318  ddavis@ruralking.com
Correspondence Address:  Southside church of Christ, 1100 S. 17th St., Mattoon, IL  61938
Date Updated July 4, 2023

Wilmington church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​We are a small group of Christians looking for a full-time evangelist to work with us. Wilmington is located about 60 miles south of Chicago and about 15 miles south of Joliet, IL. Please contact us for more information about our congregation and the local area.
Contact: Steve Gibson  (815) 954-3301  stephengibson1972@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Steve Gibson, 2185 Farmstone Dr., Diamond, IL   60416
Date Updated: August 17, 2023

Park Street church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.parkstreetchurchofchrist.com
Comments: ​We are a small but strong group. Looking for a preacher that might have a secular job or be willing to look for support from other congregations. This would be a full-time preaching job.
Contact: Jim Hunter  (765) 894-1297  jlhunter236@gmail.com
Contact: Keith McDaniel  (765) 336-2859  keithmcdaniel58@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Park Street church of Christ, 402 N. Park Street, Lebanon, IN   46052
Date Updated: August 17, 2023

Monticello church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​The Monticello Church of Christ is searching for a part time preacher. We would want this person to preach most Sundays. Our a cappella congregation is made of 40 - 50 people. We are unable to support a full time preacher. Interested people should email one of the following people: Sam Cosgray at sam1962c@gmail.com or Tyler Cosgray at leecos85@gmail.com or Roger Wilson at bowden@pwrtc.com.
Contact: Sam Cosgray  (574) 595-5554  sam1962c@gmail.com
Contact: Tyler Cosgray  (574) 242-0450  leecos85@gmail.com
Correspondence Address:  Monticello church of Christ, 300 West Market Street, Monticello, IN   47960
Date Updated: August 15, 2023

Grinnell church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.grinnellchurchofchrist.com
Comments: Grinnell is a small congregation that is looking for a preacher that is willing to preach in central Iowa. Please email us at the email address given or go to our website for notifying us.
Contact: Grinnell church of Christ  (641) 521-6485  grinnellchurchofchrist@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Grinnell church of Christ, 1402 3rd Avenue, Grinnell, IA  50112
Date Updated: September 9, 2023​

Lenexa church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.lenexachurchofchrist.org
Comments: ​Our current preacher is ready to retire. We are looking for someone to fill that position. The city of Lenexa is located in Johnson County, Kansas immediately adjacent to Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS. The population of Johnson County is 600,000 and we are the only conservative (non-institutional) church in the county. The congregation has elders and deacons who are also capable of preaching, teaching Bible Classes, etc.
Contact: Jim Stauffer  (913) 620-0563  jim.stauffer71@gmail.com
Contact: Ron Peck  (816) 807-1120  ronpeck81@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Jim Stauffer, 15704 S. Madison Dr., Olathe, KS   66062
Date Updated: November 30, 2023

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Southwest church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.swcochrist.com
Comments: Looking for a full time gospel preacher.
Contact: Vance Need  (410) 859-0116  vanceneed@gmail.com
Contact: Percy Bramble  (443) 458-5168  percybramble@comcast.net
Correspondence Address: 292 Church Circle, Linthicum Heights, MD  21090
Date Updated: October 28, 2023

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Petal church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.churchofchristinpetal.com
Comments: The Petal congregation is a well-established group, seeking a full time evangelist to preach and teach. Petal, is a small town in South Mississippi, with close proximity to the campuses of the University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University in Hattiesburg. Our group is on the smaller side at approximately 20, comprised of a good mix of younger and older Christians alike seeking to do God's will. We are able to offer support. If you're interested, please send your resume and any questions you might have to the email address provided.
Contact: Dana Lofton  (601) 840-3703  churchofchristpetal@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: None
Date Updated: October 24, 2023

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Queen Way church of Christ
Congregation's Website: ​queenwaycoc.com
Comments: Hello from the brethren in Christ who meet at Queen Way in Sparks, NV We have decided to conduct a preacher training program this year (2022). We are looking for a man who has already decided to devote his life to spreading the gospel of Christ. We have no pre set conditions other than that. We have money set aside to provide support to the man. While our first choice would be that he either be single or married without children, that should not cause you to discount any man because of that. We are looking for the right man to work with & train. If he is older with a few kids and he is desiring training as he pursues the life and work of evangelist please pass him our info. The man who will be the head of the training is an evangelist, Daniel Hedges. He has been preaching since 2008. While he has worked with other inexperienced evangelists in the past, this will be his first time conducting a full preacher training program. He will be assisted by many of the brethren in the church who are wise and very knowledgeable in the Scriptures. We will not try to make the man conform to any particular mold of ?what we think an evangelist should look or sound like or a particular presentation style?. Rather, we will guide the man to develop his own talents while guiding him to increase in God's wisdom, knowledge of the Scriptures and how to teach them in order to work with brethren and seek and save the lost. We thank you for your consideration on this matter and any information you can pass along to any interested man.
Contact: Daniel Hedges  (906) 203-9868  hedges.db34@gmail.com
Contact: Tim Woodside  (775) 219-7819  timothywoodside@yahoo.com
Correspondence Address:  Queen Way church of Christ, 520 Queen Way, Sparks, NV  89431
Date Updated: September 12, 2023

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Portales Valley church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.portalesvalley.com
Comments: Our assembly attendance is 30-40 on Sunday morning. We recently paid off a building that was built 12 years ago. We are confident that we can fully support a minister. Portales population is 12,000. We also have membership attendance from Eastern NM University in Portales, Cannon Air Force Base, and Clovis, NM. We consider ourselves to be a very conservative congregation, love to sing, and look forward to working with a minister who can help us grow and spread the gospel.
Contact: John Yeast (575) 760-8574  jl_yeast@yahoo.com
Contact: Tom Davis (575) 760-6612
Correspondence Address: Portales Valley church of Christ, 1809 W. 2nd Street, Portales, NM 88130
Date Updated: August 28, 2023

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Sweet Home church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.sweethomechurch.comE
Comments: We are a small group. Any interested preachers would most likely need to bring support. 1 Pet 4:11.
Contact: Tommy Goss (541) 451-0553  tommygoss.yahoo.com
Contact: David Miller (541) 367-1599  churchsweethome@yahoo.com
Correspondence Address: Sweet Home church of Christ, 3702 Long Street, Sweet Home, OR 97386
Date Updated: August 1, 2023

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Battle Creek church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.battlecreekcoc.org
Comments: ​The Battle Creek church of Christ in Rapid City is looking for a minister to carry on the work in a remote but beautiful area in the Back Hills of South Dakota. The current preacher will be moving to Utah to help with a new congregation where his family resides. The Battle Creek congregation has few members and has limited funds. The prospective minister will need additional income (outside support or local employment). We suggest applying with the local school system as they provide full time benefits (health, life and dental insurance, retirement, and paid leave, etc.) for part time work. The congregation would not be opposed to the successful candidate holding secular full-time employment in the community.
Contact: Steve Hamilton  (605) 430-8405  shamilton@rap.midco.net
Correspondence Address: 1774 E. Centre St., Unit 7, Rapid City, SD   57703
Date Updated: October 29, 2023

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Clute church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.clutecofc.org
Comments: ​The Clute church is a group of Christians striving to follow the pattern of worship found within the word of God. Our goal is to simply be Christians who are pleasing to God and who share the truths found in God's word with those in our community. We own our building and have been in the same location on Main Street in Clute since the church started meeting in 1942. Our previous evangelist left to be closer to his family. We are looking for a preacher who shares our love for the truth and is driven to build us up in the faith and to labor with us in this community to bring others to Christ.
Contact: Dan Kessner  (979) 265-5667  dpkessner@gmail.com
Contact: Steven Coker  (979) 297-0852  shellman7000@sbcglobal.net
Correspondence Address: Clute church of Christ, P. O. Box 457, Clute, TX   77531
Date Updated: October 24, 2023

Northeast church of Christ
Congregation's Website: northeastcofc.org
Comments:​ We are a congregation of approximately 50 members that began working in the area about 10 years ago. We are striving for elders but have none at this time. We would expect to be able to fully support the man who decides to work with us. We have maintained a preacher at this location for several years and just built a new building. We have been without a preacher since September 2023. Crosby is located just outside of Houston by about 20 minutes.
Contact: Jamie Williams  (346) 410-8377  jdub18@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: 14601 Bohemian Hall, Crosby, TX   77532
Date Updated: October 30, 2023

Green Meadow church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.facebook.com/greenmeadowdrive
Comments:​ Our congregation has about 50 people. We currently do not have elders. We would prefer a younger man with a family, but this is not a necessity.
Contact: Hugh Delong  (520) 722-3179  hugh.delong@gmail.com
Contact: Jeff Trees  (325) 656-1183  trees.jeff@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Grean Meadow church of Christ, 3438 Green Meadow Dr., San Angelo, TX   76904
Date Updated: August 17, 2023

Yoakum church of Christ
Congregation's Website: yoakumchurchofchrist.com
Comments: ​The Yoakum church of Christ in Yoakum, Texas is looking for a full-time minister to work with us. We are a self-sufficient congregation who is blessed to be able to fully support a preacher. We come together Sunday mornings for Bible study and worship and Wednesday evenings for Bible study. We currently do not have elders and normally have around 30-38 in the congregation on Sunday mornings. We own the building and have been serving the Lord in the Yoakum area for over 60 years. We appreciate your consideration in this matter. Please reach out with any questions.
Contact: Brant Jacobs  (361) 407-1049  byjacobs@weaverandjacobs.com
Correspondence Address: Yoakum church of Christ, 606 Sheehan Street, Yoakum, TX   77995
Date Updated: October 24, 2023

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