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Funny River Road church of Christ
Congregation's Website: Funny River Road church of Christ - Facebook
Comments: ​The Funny River Road church of Christ in Soldotna, Alaska is seeking a full-time preacher/evangelist to work with the congregation. The Funny River congregation was established in this location in the early 1980's. Currently, attendance ranges from 30 to 50 dependent on the season. The City of Soldotna is located about 130 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. The Kenai Peninsula is a prime tourism area in the summers and some of the larger employers are the local government with the school systems and a local/regional hospital. The Cities of Soldotna and close by Kenai are each about 5,000 in population and about 40,000 plus in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. Our current preacher and family are moving out of state and will be leaving us shortly. We do not have elders but have several men that participate in the services, classes and other duties. The prospective preacher/evangelist would be a mature and grounded servant of the Lord, hopefully with a family. We may also consider an internship or short-term commitment to a well-qualified graduate of a conservative preacher training program with recommendations. The prospective preacher would likely require outside or supplemental support such as possible local employment. The congregation can provide a good portion of the support as the congregation is not indebted other than upkeep of the building. For more information you may contact Bryan Holland at 907-252-6347 call or text, or by email to: flyalaska123@gmail.com.
Contact: Bryan Holland (907) 252-6347 flyalaska123@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: 36680 Dutch Landing Loop, Sterling, AK  99672
Date Updated: June 5, 2024

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​Alameda church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.churchofchristalamedaca.com
Comments: The current evangelist will be retiring soon. Our attendance is about 20. There is a parsonage that joins the property in back of the church building. If interested, please contact one of the individuals listed below.
Contact: Jeff Sterling (980-248-0231 ksterling@bonocore.com
Contact: Jeanne Watson jean-anne@comcast.net
Correspondence Address: None
Date Updated: February 26, 2024

Escalon church of Christ
Congregation's Website: Escalon church of Christ
Comments: The Escalon church of Christ is composed of 20-25 members and meets at 1303 Irwin Ave, Escalon, CA 95320-8700. We are located about 100 miles east of San Francisco and living expenses are much cheaper here. Our brethren are committed to following the New Testament pattern of the church and are not involved in institutional and social gospel practices. We are seeking an evangelist to work with us. A small house can be made available.
Contact: Ed Huffman (209) 204-2753 huffmansbigandtall@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Escalon church of Christ, 1303 Irwin Ave., Escalon, CA   95320-8700
Date Updated: April 2, 2024

Central church of Christ of Fremont
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​The Central church of Christ of Fremont is looking to hire a full-time evangelist who is willing to work diligently for the Lord. Our current evangelist will be stepping down from his position due to health concerns, effective in early October. We are a small group of Christians who are seeking a motivated, knowledgeable and hardworking man who loves God and the gospel. The Central church of Christ has been in existence since the early 1960's and has had both full and part time evangelists over the years. We are located in southern Alameda County at the southeast end of the San Francisco Bay area. The cities of Fremont, Newark and Union City make up the Tri-Cities area with a total population of approximately 371,000. We currently rent a facility that is in a great location and meets our needs. We have the financial ability to support a full-time evangelist. If you know of any highly motivated evangelist, willing to move to the Tri-Cities area, please have him contact one of the men listed below.
Contact: Jim Diaz  (510) 793-0968  keddiekid333@gmail.com
Contact: Dave Parks  (510) 792-6914  panzrdad@yahoo.com
Correspondence Address: Central church of Christ of Fremont, 38069 Martha Ave. #100, Fremont, CA  94526
Date Updated: February 26, 2024

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Manatee County Church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​The Manatee County church of Christ in Bradenton, Florida, is seeking a full-time minister, preferably someone who is bilingual in English and Spanish. While we can pay some support, we are looking for someone that might have a secular job or be willing to look for support from other congregations. We do not currently have elders, but we do have about 30-35 members in regular attendance of which 40% are Spanish speaking. We own our building located at 3705 7th St E. in Bradenton where we have been located for 40 years.
Contact: Steve Dargan  (832) 515-8846  ksdargan@comcast.net
Correspondence Address: Manatee County Church of Christ, 3705 7th Street East, Bradenton, FL 34208
Date Updated: February 26, 2024

Sopchoppy church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.facebook.com/sopchoppychurchofchrist
Comments: ​The church of Christ at Sopchoppy, Florida, is seeking a partially supported full-time minister. This growing area of the "Forgotten Coast" in the panhandle of Florida is ripe for spreading the gospel message. We do not have elders, but we do have about 25 members in regular attendance. Our congregation consists of all ages from young couples to seniors. In addition, we regularly have visitors who are vacationing in the area or own rental homes along the coast. We own our building located at 58 Winthrop Avenue in Sopchoppy where we have been located for over 50 years. If you are interested in applying for this position, please email sopchoppychurchofchrist@gmail.com.
Contact: David Moody  (850) 519-0605  sopchoppychurchofchrist@gmail.com
Contact: Gary Durrett  (850) 877-8670  sopchoppychurchofchrist@gmail.com
Date Updated: February 26, 2024

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Blackfoot church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: We are a small congregation doing our best to teach the Bible to the Blackfoot community. We hold to God's word and strive to be a shining light in this community. We live in a tough area with lots of Mormon influence. We'd love to have a Preacher to work with us and can provide some support. Contact us for more information.
Contact: Chad Mitchell  (208) 221-2587  chadmanblue@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Blackfoot church of Christ, P. O. Box 158, Blackfoot, ID  83221
Date Updated: February 27, 2024

Harlem Road church of Christ
Congregation's Website: churchatharlemroad.org
Comments: The Harlem Road church of Christ is currently seeking a full time located preacher to work with us in the greater Rockford, IL area. We are a congregation of 55 attendees. We are an active group where there are many willing to work and pitch in. We are located just south of the Wisconsin border in northern Illinois. We are 90 minutes from Chicago, 60 minutes from Milwaukee and Madison, WI. We moved into our current location and started worshipping here in January 2021. The population within a 5-mile radius is approximately 120,000. We currently do not have elders. We have age ranges from less than a year old to some over 80 years old. We have many long-term members, members who have moved into the area, and some that are more recent converts. We currently are not able to provide full support of a preacher. Depending on your needs, outside support or a secular job may be required. As a point of reference, we most recently supported our preacher $3,800 per month plus $499 in health care coverage support per month. Time away is expected for the preacher, this point is negotiable and open for discussion. We are seeking an individual that will work with us in the role of preacher and also well qualified in social media, including website management, the ability to teach Bible classes, study in public settings, and work well with all age groups in our congregation. Formal training in preaching and teaching are preferred, or equivalent experience. Previous experience with all the above qualifications will be beneficial. The congregation also requests the local preacher to provide a monthly report of time spent directly related to efforts in support of the local congregation and evangelistic efforts. If you know someone who is interested in further information or you yourself are interested, please communicate with David McCoy or Don McCune to submit a questionnaire. We also request that you submit a summary of your qualifications and a short bio for consideration by the congregation.
Contact: David McCoy (847) 687-5025 davidnmccoy@gmail.com
Contact: Don McCune (815) 735-9218 mccuned817@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Harlem Road church of Christ, 1123 Harlem Road, Machesney Park, IL  61115
Date Updated: June 5, 2024

Washington church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: The Washington church is a 65-year-old congregation that has lost many members. I (Don Potts) have worked with this church for 32 years and in this time, I have preached 27 funerals and seen some move to other areas. We can help support a preacher, but he would need some outside support. He can be young, but he must be one who will preach all the truth and oppose Satan and sin. Please provide references.
Contact: Don Potts (309) 966-5619 DonaldPotts1934@Gmail.com
Contact: Mike Filstrup (309) 297-1389
Correspondence Address: Washington church of Christ, 430 Wilmore Road, Washington, IL  61571
Date Updated: April 19, 2024

Wilmington church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​We are a small group of Christians looking for a full-time evangelist to work with us. Wilmington is located about 60 miles south of Chicago and about 15 miles south of Joliet, IL. Please contact us for more information about our congregation and the local area.
Contact: Steve Gibson  (815) 954-3301  stephengibson1972@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Steve Gibson, 2185 Farmstone Dr., Diamond, IL   60416
Date Updated: April 3, 2024

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Grinnell church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.grinnellchurchofchrist.com
Comments: The church of Christ in Grinnell, Iowa, is looking for a full-time or part-time preacher to join our family of conservative Christians. The congregation consists of diverse members, including young people. Grinnell is a beautiful college town with top-notch schools and affordable housing prices, making it an excellent place to live. Interested candidates should send their resumes along with audio or video examples of their sermons to
Contact: Grinnell church of Christ (515) 661-4775 grinnellchurchofchrist@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Grinnell church of Christ, 1402 3rd Avenue, Grinnell, IA  50112
Date Updated: June 5, 2024​

Lenexa church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.lenexachurchofchrist.org
Comments: ​Our current preacher is ready to retire. We are looking for someone to fill that position. The city of Lenexa is located in Johnson County, Kansas immediately adjacent to Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS. The population of Johnson County is 600,000 and we are the only conservative (non-institutional) church in the county. The congregation has elders and deacons who are also capable of preaching, teaching Bible Classes, etc.
Contact: Jim Stauffer  (913) 620-0563  jim.stauffer71@gmail.com
Contact: Ron Peck  (816) 807-1120  ronpeck81@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Jim Stauffer, 15704 S. Madison Dr., Olathe, KS   66062
Date Updated: April 3, 2024

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Southside church of Christ
Congregation's Website: Southside church of Christ
Comments: We are looking for an evangelist to work with us. We meet at 405 W. Orice Roth Road. We are the only sound church located in Southern Louisiana near Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Brother R. J. Evans is retiring from the work but will still serve as one of the elders.
Contact: R. J. Evans rjevans@eatel.net
Correspondence Address: Southside church of Christ, P. O. Box 686, Gonzales, LA   70707.
Date Updated: April 2, 2024 

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Southwest church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.swcochrist.com
Comments: Looking for a full time gospel preacher.
Contact: Vance Need  (410) 859-0116  vanceneed@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: 292 Church Circle, Linthicum Heights, MD  21090
Date Updated: February 26, 2024

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Petal church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.churchofchristinpetal.com
Comments: The Petal congregation is a well-established group, seeking a full time evangelist to preach and teach. Petal, is a small town in South Mississippi, with close proximity to the campuses of the University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University in Hattiesburg. Our group is on the smaller side at approximately 20, comprised of a good mix of younger and older Christians alike seeking to do God's will. We are able to offer support. If you're interested, please send your resume and any questions you might have to the email address provided.
Contact: Dana Lofton  (601) 840-3703  churchofchristpetal@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: None
Date Updated: February 26, 2024

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Portales Valley church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.portalesvalley.com
Comments: Portales is located on the high plains of Eastern New Mexico. We have a population of about 19,000 including those residents that live in our County. The nearby city of Clovis (approx. 22 miles) has a population of 48,000 including those living in the County. We are a farming and ranching community and have a Division II College (Eastern New Mexico University) located right here in Portales, and the campus is near our building. Plus, we have Cannon Air Force Based located nearby (approx.11 miles) that usually accounts for about 5,000 people in both communities. We consider ourselves to be a very conservative congregation and look forward to working with a minister who can help us grow and spread the gospel. Our assembly attendance is 30-40 on Sunday morning. We can fully support a minister.  
Contact: Tom Davis (575) 760-6612  davisranch@yucca.net
Correspondence Address: Portales Valley church of Christ, 1809 W. 2nd Street, Portales, NM 88130
Date Updated: June 8, 2024

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East Sixth Street church of Christ
Congregation's Website: east.sixthstreet.church/stillwater/
Comments: We are a small group of 15 Christians that worship in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Stillwater is the home of Oklahoma State university and has a population of over 50k and more when school is in session. We would like a full-time evangelist to work with us. Some outside support may be needed depending on needs.
Contact: Mike Buxton (405) 614-3077 cwbymkb@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: 5203 N. Washington Street, Stillwater, OK   74074
Date Updated: February 18, 2024​

Sweet Home church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.sweethomechurch.comE
Comments: We are a small group. Any interested preachers would most likely need to bring support. 1 Pet 4:11.
Contact: Tommy Goss (541) 451-0553  tommygoss@yahoo.com
Contact: David Miller (541) 367-1599  churchsweethome@yahoo.com
Correspondence Address: Sweet Home church of Christ, 3702 Long Street, Sweet Home, OR 97386
Date Updated: April 10, 2024

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Battle Creek church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.battlecreekcoc.org
Comments: ​The Battle Creek church of Christ in Rapid City is looking for a minister to carry on the work in a remote but beautiful area in the Back Hills of South Dakota. The current preacher will be moving to Utah to help with a new congregation where his family resides. The Battle Creek congregation has few members and has limited funds. The prospective minister will need additional income (outside support or local employment). We suggest applying with the local school system as they provide full time benefits (health, life and dental insurance, retirement, and paid leave, etc.) for part time work. The congregation would not be opposed to the successful candidate holding secular full-time employment in the community.
Contact: Steve Hamilton  (605) 430-8405  shamilton@rap.midco.net
Correspondence Address: 1774 E. Centre St., Unit 7, Rapid City, SD   57703
Date Updated: February 26, 2024

Brookmead church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: We are looking for a preacher to work with us. We are a smaller group of around 30. 
Contact: Chip Spratlin (423) 426-2167
Contact: Vic Koenig (423) 557-1629 v54koenig@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: 2428 E. Lakeview Dr., Johnson City, TN   37601
Date Updated: June 6, 2024

Smokey Mountain church of Christ
Congregation's Website: smokymountainchurchofchrist.com
Comments: ​We are a conservative, non-institutional church with a small membership located in Maryville, TN. Just South of Knoxville and close to the Smokey Mountain National Park. At present we have no elders. The prospective evangelist will need to seek some of his support from outside sources. The church has been in existence since the mid-seventies and has fluctuated between 30 to 60 members. We have never contributed to institutions or used musical instruments and we do not have a kitchen or fellowship hall. We are located in a quiet country setting close to the downtown area. The building is in great condition and is debt free. Please call at any time. If there is no answer leave a message and I will return your call as possible. Thank you, Steve. 
Contact: Stephen Furbush (865) 335-8475 smfurb7@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: 540 Azalea Dr., Maryville, TN  37804
Date Updated: June 5, 2024

Laurel Heights church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.lhmcallen.org
Comments: ​The Laurel Heights church of Christ is in need of a local preacher for full-time work. The church building is located in the middle of McAllen with numerous smaller surrounding towns, including Edinburg, Pharr, Mission, and others. The area is growing rapidly with new industries moving in. The congregation averages 40-50 on Sunday morning. We have several men capable of doing the work, but the majority of them also have families and jobs. We need someone full-time that can take on a lot of the work. We are not able to pay enough to provide full support so whoever we bring in will need to have outside support.
Contact: Ron Witt (956)713-4239 ronlwitt46@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: 501 W. Owassa Rd, TRLR 84, Pharr, TX  78577
Date Updated: March 2, 2024

Yoakum church of Christ
Congregation's Website: yoakumchurchofchrist.com
Comments: ​The Yoakum church of Christ in Yoakum, Texas is looking for a full-time minister to work with us. We are a self-sufficient congregation who is blessed to be able to fully support a preacher. We come together Sunday mornings for Bible study and worship and Wednesday evenings for Bible study. We currently do not have elders and normally have around 30-38 in the congregation on Sunday mornings. We own the building and have been serving the Lord in the Yoakum area for over 60 years. We appreciate your consideration in this matter. Please reach out with any questions.
Contact: Brant Jacobs  (361) 407-1049  byjacobs@weaverandjacobs.com
Correspondence Address: Yoakum church of Christ, 606 Sheehan Street, Yoakum, TX   77995
Date Updated: February 26, 2024

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