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Friendship church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​We are looking for a preacher who lives around the Huntsville area for a congregation of about 15 people. We pay $200 per week. The position will be open after December 22, 2019.
Contact: Tony Demonbreun (ask for Tony)  (256) 420-8019  willbreun@yahoo.com
Date Submitted: September 19, 2019

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Hot Springs church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​The established congregation of the church of Christ meeting at Mockingbird Street is now seeking a full-time preacher to strengthen our members in the work of our Lord as well as to conduct an outreach program within our community. Located in the spa resort town of Hot Springs this beautiful area has earned the reputation as Arkansas' top Vacation Destination. Due to that, our congregation has many visitors; whether from out of town, or within town, each one providing the real potential of reaching others with the gospel. We are a small non-institutional, non-instrumental group filled with love, care and concern for one another, committed to following the biblical pattern in all things of doctrine, worship, and organization. Our earnest desire is to grow in faith as well as in number, and to develop strong leadership roles within. Our ideal prospective preacher qualifications include: 1) A man mature in the faith with strong knowledge of the scripture and biblical application to life ? A proven communicator with the ability of a teacher and preacher within the congregation. 2) An evangelist willing to reach out and contact the lost within the community. 3)A hard worker filled with enthusiasm, love and desire to encourage fellow saints. 4) Special consideration will be given to a young man with a family. The Hot Springs area is most affordable with the median home price of $140,000 and low cost of living. Population is approximately 37,000 with another 97,000 in the surrounding areas. If the zeal and the enthusiasm of this congregation appeals to your own passion and commitment. 
Contact: Ray Anderson  (501) 922-7795  sranderson0103@sbcglobal.net
Correspondence Address: Hot Springs church of Christ, 112 Mockingbird Street, Hot Springs, AR  71913
Date Submitted: October 7, 2019

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Eau Gallie church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.eaugalliechurchofchrist.com
Comments: ​The Eau Gallie church of Christ in Melbourne, Florida is seeking a full-time evangelist with some full-time experience. We prefer that he is married, family oriented, bold in proclaiming God's word in season and out of season, presenting sermons and teaching classes, energetic, and able to work with the elders, deacons, and members to evangelize the surrounding communities. We are a friendly congregation with about 100 members and are able to fully support our evangelist. Please contact us for more information.
Contact: Josh Knight  (321) 243-9616  christ.can@hotmail.com
Contact: Roger Nething  (321) 220-4229  rnething@aol.com
Correspondence Address: Eau Gallie church of Christ, 1079 Sarno Road, Melbourne, FL   32935
Date Submitted: August 26, 2019

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Des Moines church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.dsmcoc.com
Comments: ​Small congregation of about 40 has been meeting in Des Moines for many years and is looking for a preacher who can help spread the gospel. The Des Moines metro area has a population of over 600,000 yet we are the only faithful church in the area so there is plenty of opportunity.
Contact: Mark Hetrick  (515) 865-8100  markallanhetrick@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Des Moines church of Christ, 1310 NE 54th Avenue, Des Moines, IA   50313
Date Submitted: October 29, 2019

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Hodgenville church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​We are looking for a gospel preacher in the Hodgenville, KY area for a non-institutional, non-instrumental church of Christ congregation of about 26 people. Able to preach 2 times on Sunday and teach the adult bible class on Wednesday and publish a weekly bulletin. We currently can pay $400 per week so you will probably need outside support. The position will be open after May 31, 2020. Contact Edward Parker at the contacts below.
Contact: Edward Parker   (270) 325-4558   rapunzzel@hotmail.com
Correspondence Address: Hodgenville church of Christ, 2863 Hawkings Road, Hodgenville, KY  42748
Date Submitted: October 31, 2019

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Newman Road church of Christ
Congregation's Website: http://newmanroadchurchofchrist.blogspot.com/
Comments: The Newman Road Church of Christ in Joplin, Missouri, is seeking a full-time preacher/evangelist to work with us as we strive to grow in the faith and to spread the Gospel in our community. A small but long-established congregation that has met in the same location since 1977, we are a non-institutional, non-instrumental Church of Christ congregation and are the only such group meeting within a 60-mile radius. Our regular attendance ranges from 30-50 and many of our members live a considerable distance out of town. We are not currently blessed with elders but hope to develop such leaders in the future. Our building is located next door to a public four-year university with about 5,000 students.

Our ideal candidate would be:

  • A man mature in the faith, with a strong knowledge of the scriptures, and with a proven ability to teach and preach.
  • An effective communicator, both from the pulpit and in working with individuals. ? A zealous evangelist with a desire to work with us to boldly proclaim the Gospel to the lost.
  • A patient teacher willing to conduct classes for the congregation as well as do personal work with individuals and families.
  • A hard worker of good reputation who exemplifies living a Christian life.
  • A caring individual with a love for the saints who will encourage and exhort his fellow workers.

We are currently able to provide support in the range of $30,000-$40,000 per year, which will go a long way in this area thanks to Joplin?s low cost of living. Our area is one of the most affordable places to live in the country, with the median home price consistently between $100,000 and $120,000. Joplin is a city in Southwest Missouri with a population of about 50,000 and with 180,000 in the surrounding area. It is a transportation and commercial hub for the region where Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas meet. Tulsa, Northwest Arkansas, and Springfield/Branson are within easy driving distance, while the Joplin airport has multiple daily flights to DFW. 
Contact: Adam Stratton  (417) 850-4532  admanstratton@hotmail.com
Correspondence Address: Newman Road church of Christ, 3520 E. Newman Road, Joplin, MO  64801
Date Submited: July 4, 2018
Date Renewed: January 16, 2019
Date Renewed: May 30, 2019
Date Renewed: September 27, 2019

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Warne church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: We are looking for a preacher who is possibly retired and looking to move to the Mountains, or has some support that they can bring with them. We are a small congregation known all over the southeast due to the location and people visiting on vacation and such. We are a friendly loving group of Christians that are striving to do God's will. Warne in located on the Georgia, North Carolina state line in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a very beautiful area. We need a faithful dedicated Preacher to help us grow this congregation as it is mostly retired folks attending full time. We can pay some to help but can not fully support a man and his family.
Contact: David Hughes  (706) 379-0997  davidhughesdavid@live.com
Contact:  thomas_j._grant@hotmail.com or oldhamms@juno.com  
Correspondence Address: Warne church of Christ, P. O. Box 82, Warne, NC   28909
Date Submitted: August 2, 2019

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church of Christ at Highway 70
Congregation's Website: Facebook
Comments: ​We are looking for a full time gospel preacher. We average 20 or so on Sunday morning and 6 on Wednesday night. We need someone able to live locally to help spread the gospel in the local Harriman Rockwood Kingston area. We can provide partial support. Please contact Jim Woodall at the number shown if you are interested.
Contact: Jim Woodall  (865) 394-0515  rjarabek@mcl-inc.com
Correspondence Address: church of Christ at Highway 70, 5080 Roane State Hwy, Rockwood, TN  37854
Date Submitted: July 31, 2019

South 14th and Oak church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.oakstreetchurchofchrist.com
Comments: ​The South 14th and Oak Church of Christ in Abilene, TX is seeking a full-time or part-time evangelist to preach two sermons on Sundays, teach Bible classes on Sunday and Wednesday, and to lead the congregation in other evangelistic efforts in the area. The Sunday morning worship service has an average attendance of 30, and the building was recently remodeled.
Contact: John Weaver  (325) 400-1131  weaverjohnb@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: None listed
Date Submitted: August 24, 2019

Northside church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: We are a small congregation of people who are serious about serving God according to the principles laid down in the first century.
Contact: Robert C. Parker  (830) 719-5006  rparkeraggie@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Northside church of Christ, 316 Pike Road, Del Rio, TX   78840
Date Submitted: September 12, 2019​

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Oakwood Road church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.orcoc.org
Comments: We are a small congregation of about 30 members seeking an evangelist to work with us on a full time basis. We are able to provide significant support, but it may not be the entire amount needed. 
Contact: Tim Cook   (423) 341-8216  timcook213@yahoo.com
Correspondence Address: Oakwood Road church of Christ, 873 Oakwood Road, Charleston, WV  25314
Date Submitted: October 31, 2019

Middlebourne church of Christ
Congregation​'s Website: None
Comments: We are looking for a full time gospel preacher to have two sermons on Sunday and teach our adult bible class on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Our congregation has 89 members and can comfortably support a full time preacher. We have three elders and three deacons. We also provide a one story brick house next to the church building, with three bedrooms, one bath, living room, dinning room, kitchen on main floor, and a bath, bedroom and family room in the basement. The opening date is November 1, 2019.
Contact: Mike Huffman  (740) 228-8170  angretiredb@hotmail.com
Correspondence Address: Middleboourne church of Christ, P.O. Box 88, Middlebourne, WV  26149
Date Submitted: September 26, 2019

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