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Butler church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: We are a group of 25-30 + or - located in a small town about 35 miles east of Meridian, MS in Choctaw County, AL. Congregation is well established and has been in existence since the 1950's. We have been without a preacher for about 2 months. We would like a young/mature man or family to work with us in spreading the Gospel message to the congregation and the community. Our group ranges from school age to senior citizens. We have been able to fully support our ministers in the past. If you are interested in the position or have questions, please contact one of the persons below. 
Contact: Don Green  (205) 459-3393  rlgreen@tds.net
Contact: John Nickell  (205) 459-2642  jtn1052@tds.net
Correspondence Address: Butler church of Christ, P. O. Box 634, Butler, AL   36904
Date Submitted: January 15, 2020
Date Renewed: May 11, 2020
Date Renewed: October 2, 2020

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Westside church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.piggottcoc.wordpress.com
Comments: Our current preacher will be moving in March 2021. We have twenty members and no elders.
Contact: Scott Ruhmann  (870) 324-0100  piggottcoc@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Westside church of Christ, P.O. Box 126, Piggott, AR  72454
Date Submitted: September 30, 2020​

Westside church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.waldronchurch.org
Comments: We have abut 12 members and do not have any elders. Our preacher recently passed away.
Contact: Tony Maine  (479) 222-0930  church@waldronchurch.org
Date Submitted: November 9, 2020​

King Street church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.indiochurchofchrist.com
Comments: Feel free to send this information to any potential candidate or to any other individual or church who might be able to “send someone our way”.

The church of Christ that meets in the city of Indio, California (population over 80,000) in the beautiful Coachella Valley, is looking for a doctrinally sound, conservative, non-institutional, non-denominational, non-instrumental preacher…full time (preferably). Due to effects of the pandemic on some member’s income and some illness in the congregation, we are not able at this point to provide a preacher’s full salary.

The church here is a small conservative work of 30-40 members of all ages. The congregation has several men able to teach and preach God’s word. The members for the most part are good Bible students who regularly study and teach.

We are looking for a person who can share a mindset of beginning a new work, rather than just coming to continue the existence of a congregation of God’s people. Our preference is a person with a family and several years of preaching experience; however, we will consider all applicants. Since we do not have elders, decisions concerning our congregation are made at the men’s business meeting. The congregation has envisioned the preacher preparing lessons for Sunday morning and evening and teaching Bible class on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening (when not under pandemic restrictions). He would also hold individual Bible studies with prospective and/or new members with the assistance of our members. Being able to motivate the members and leading by example in personal work is an attribute the congregation feels is essential along with Bible-based lessons.

If interested in this position, please send your resume along with the completed attached questionnaire (may be done by email correspondence to jimburruss@outlook.com or phone (760) 898-2902). From those we wish to consider further, we will request at least two (2) audio recordings or videos of your most recent sermons or lessons. We intend to pay travel, food and lodging expenses of a potential preacher and his family if invited to come and “try out” (for lack of a better term). Financial compensation for the person hired is open for negotiation depending on agreed to hours, experience and abilities. Hopefully, a candidate has supplemental income or the ability to obtain some outside financial support. We do authorize a substantial housing allowance for income tax purposes.

Median income information that may be useful to you: The median household income in Indio is $49,551; Palm Desert is $52,053 a year; Palm Springs, CA in 2017 was $50,608

Housing is generally one of the major expenses in the cost of living; here is some brief current information (examples only) regarding housing possibilities:
Small Indio condos (2Br/2Ba) 800-1200 sq. ft. $900-1300/mo. (2-4 miles from church building)
Small Palm Desert condos (2Br/2Ba) 1000-1200 sq. ft. $1000-1300/mo. (10 miles from church building)
Modest Palm Desert home (on golf course) (2Br/2Ba) 1200 sq. ft. $1400/mo. (10 miles from church building)
Modest La Quinta home (3Br/2Ba) 1600 sq. ft. $1800-1900/mo. (6-8 miles from church building)
Nice La Quinta home (3Br/2Ba) 1400-1600 sq. ft. $1400-1500/mo. (6-10 miles from church building)
Newer Indio (3Br/2Ba) 1400-1800 sq. ft. $1800-1900/mo. (5 miles from church building)
Contact: Jim Burruss  (760) 898-2902  jimburruss@outlook.com
Correspondence Address: Indio church of Christ, 81377 Avenue 46, Indio, CA   92201 (760) 342-1859
Date Submitted: December 16, 2019
Date Renewed: April 15, 2020
Date Renewed: August 20, 2020
Date Updated and Renewed: September 4, 2020
Date Updated and Renewed: November 2, 2020

East Foothill church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.efoothill.org
Comments: ​We are a diverse non institutional congregation with about 70 members. We have 4 elders and 2 deacons. We are located in the heart of the Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. If you are interested in working with us or would like to get more information about us, please contact us.
Contact: Charles Williamson  (408) 230-1141  charleswilliamson@comcast.net
Correspondence Address: Charles Williamson, 870 Tybalt Drive, San Jose, CA   95127
Date Submitted: August 29, 2020

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Lakeland Hills Boulevard church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.lakelandhillschurchofchrist.com
Comments: ​Lakeland Hills Boulevard church of Christ is seeking a full-time evangelist. We are a conservative, non-institutional congregation located at 2510 Lakeland Hills Blvd in Lakeland Florida. Lakeland has a population of about 100,000 and continues to grow. We are located between the cities of Tampa and Orlando. The congregation is located on the north side of the city close to the I-4 Interstate. We are a congregation of about eighty people with a mix of older, middle age and younger families. There are three elders and three deacons that serve the congregation. The congregation is seeking a sound, conservative minded preacher of the Gospel to work full time with the Christians here. One must have a strong desire for the Truth, a full knowledge of the Word of God and a zeal to impart that knowledge to others. The ideal evangelist will appeal to all age groups and zealously preach and teach the whole council of God simply and powerfully.
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LakelandHillschurchofchrist 
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCu7AG_3jUtpBDIr2NPqB3iw
Contact: Larry Wisdom  (863)899-6605  lwisdom@bellsouth.net
Correspondence Address: Lakeland Hills Boulevard church of Christ, 2510 Lakeland Hills Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33805
Date Submitted: November 27, 2020

  • MAYO
Northside church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: We are a group of 25-30 members located in Mayo, Fl. Congregation is made up of mostly middle/senior aged . Mayo is a rural area located 60 miles west of Gainesville and 45 miles west of Lake City. We are a conservative, non-institutional, non-instrumental church of Christ. We are looking for a man mature in the faith that is capable of teaching/preaching God's word, teach Bible classes, preach the word edifying and building up the church, willing to do personal work/spread gospel in the community. We prefer a full time minister but will consider part time. The church can provide $500.00 / week support. The church does not have a preachers home.
Contact: Marc Land (386) 688-1390  mlandgoldenknight@gmail.com
Contact: Hal Lynch (386) 362-9243  lynchconstruction@windstream.net
Correspondence Address: Northside church of Christ, P. O. Box 187, Mayo, FL 32066
Date Submitted: June 7, 2020
Date Renewed: October 9, 2020

Mariner Blvd church of Christ
Congregation's Website: ​marinerchurchofchrist.com
Comments: We are a small church looking for a young married preacher who is sound in doctrine, has good references, who lives in Florida and wants to grow spiritually and help this church to grow. At this time we are only meeting for worship on the first day of the week. We hope in the future to resume Bible study on Sunday morning. We can only offer partial support.
Contact: Kim Perry  (352) 410-1792  kimperry1792@gmail.com
Contact: Wes Baird  (352) 688-7901  wb07@outlook.com
Date Submitted: October 28, 2020

Centerville Road church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.centervilleroad.com
Comments: ​The Centerville Road church of Christ in Tallahassee, Florida is seeking a full-time evangelist. We are looking for a minister of the Gospel with a strong desire to seek and save the lost and a passion for assisting us in spreading the Good News to the local metro area of over 200,000 souls. Tallahassee is located in the northern part of the state about halfway between Jacksonville and Panama City. Tallahassee is the state capitol and home to two major universities. The Centerville Road church of Christ is well established. Our building is located in a quiet residential area of Northeast Tallahassee. Our congregation of about 70 is racially and culturally mixed with ages ranging from pre-school to advanced age. We currently do not have elders. Our ideal candidate must possess an in-depth knowledge of God's word, holding fast to Biblical truths and able to effectively communicate those truths to all age groups for the edification and growth of the Lord's church. We are also looking for an individual with a genuine desire and commitment to lead evangelistic efforts toward the 50,000+ local college students. A competitive salary commensurate with education and experience will be offered Apply by sending a resume. Please include education, employment history and references. A list of personal online resources (sermons, articles, etc.) will also be helpful.
Contact: John Haynes  (850) 668-5756  johnh22361@aol.com
Contact: David Hinton  (850) 443-6918  d_mhinton@comcast.net
Correspondence Address: Centerville Road church of Christ, 4015 Centerville Road, Tallahassee, FL  32308
Date Submitted: October 6, 2020

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Grinnell church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.grinnellcoc.com
Comments: ​We are just now beginning our search for a new preacher. We do not have elders but several dedicated, God fearing men who take care of this congregation. Please send your resume and references to grinnellcoc@netins.net before calling or texting.
Contact: Patrick Blythe  (641) 521-6485  plblythe@netins.net
Correspondence Address: Patrick Blythe, 105 3rd Street, Reasnor, IA  50232
Date Submitted: June 6, 2020
Date Renewed: October 6, 2020

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Crab Orchard church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​We are a small rural congregation. Our preacher of 28 years is wishing to step down due to his age.
Contact: Lester Hopkins  (606) 510-3892  lestershelleyhopk@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Crab Orchard church of Christ, P.O. Box 282, Crab Orchard, KY  40419
Date Submitted: July 29, 2020

Hodgenville church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.hodgenvillechurchofchrist.org
Comments: We are a group of 30-35 members located in Hodgenville, KY. The congregation is made up of mostly middle/senior aged. Hodgenville is a rural area located 50 miles South of Louisville, KY and 15 miles East of Elizabethtown, KY. We are a conservative, non-institutional, non-instrumental church of Christ. We are looking for a man mature in the faith that is capable of teaching/preaching God's word, teach Bible classes, preach the word, edifying and building up the church, willing to do personal work/spread the gospel in the community. We prefer a full time minister but will consider part time. The church can provide $500.00/week in support. The church does not have a preachers home.
Contact: Ed Parker  (270) 325-4558  rapunzzel@hotmail.com
Correspondence Address: Hodgenville church of Christ, P.O. Box 37, Hodgenville, KY  42748
Date Submitted: October 27, 2020​

Woodland church of Christ
Congregation's Website: woodlandchurchofchrist.org
Comments: We are a faithful group of 45-50 members. Mostly middle aged to elderly. Our current preacher has accepted another position closer to home. We are in search of a full time preacher. We have always been able to support a full time preacher and support other preachers at times. 
Contact: Ricky Reeves (318) 465-2198
Contact: Lance Reeves (318) 465-4767
Correspondence Address:  Woodland church of Christ, 4199 Hwy 2 Alt, Haynesville, LA 71038
Date Submitted: November 21, 2020
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Newman Road church of Christ
Congregation's Website: http://newmanroadchurchofchrist.blogspot.com/
Comments: The Newman Road Church of Christ in Joplin, Missouri, is seeking a full-time preacher/evangelist to work with us as we strive to grow in the faith and to spread the Gospel in our community. A small but long-established congregation that has met in the same location since 1977, we are a non-institutional, non-instrumental Church of Christ congregation and are the only such group meeting within a 60-mile radius. Our regular attendance ranges from 30-50 and many of our members live a considerable distance out of town. We are not currently blessed with elders but hope to develop such leaders in the future. Our building is located next door to a public four-year university with about 5,000 students.

Our ideal candidate would be:

A man mature in the faith, with a strong knowledge of the scriptures, and with a proven ability to teach and preach.

An effective communicator, both from the pulpit and in working with individuals. A zealous evangelist with a desire to work with us to boldly proclaim the Gospel to the lost.

A patient teacher willing to conduct classes for the congregation as well as do personal work with individuals and families.

A hard worker of good reputation who exemplifies living a Christian life.

A caring individual with a love for the saints who will encourage and exhort his fellow workers.

We are currently able to provide support in the range of $30,000-$40,000 per year, which will go a long way in this area thanks to Joplin’s low cost of living. Our area is one of the most affordable places to live in the country, with the median home price consistently between $100,000 and $120,000. Joplin is a city in Southwest Missouri with a population of about 50,000 and with 180,000 in the surrounding area. It is a transportation and commercial hub for the region where Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas meet. Tulsa, Northwest Arkansas, and Springfield/Branson are within easy driving distance, while the Joplin airport has multiple daily flights to DFW. 
Contact: Adam Stratton (417) 850-4532  admanstratton@hotmail.com
Correspondence Address: Newman Road church of Christ, 3520 E. Newman Road, Joplin, MO 64801
Date Submitted: July 4, 2018
Date Renewed: January 16, 2019
Date Renewed: May 30, 2019
Date Renewed: September 27, 2019
Date Renewed: February 1, 2020
Date Renewed: June 6, 2020
Date Renewed: October 7, 2020

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West Fayetteville church of Christ
Congregation's Website: West Fayetteville church of Christ
Comments: A group of humble people seeking only to do Christ's will. We are an undenominational group of Christians. The West Fayetteville church of Christ is a local, independent congregation of believers who have been baptized into Christ for the remission of sins, and who are committed to living by faith in Christ. We have no affiliation with any organization larger than, smaller than, or other than this local congregation. Only "our like precious faith" (2 Peter 1:1) in the Word of God unites us with other Christians into One Faith (Ephesians 4:3-6). We are autonomous and have no central headquarters or president. The head of this church is none other than Jesus Christ himself (Ephesians 1:22-23). We are simply Christians following the teachings of Jesus and His apostles and followers found in the New Testament. The division of denominationalism is, in fact, contradictory to the teaching of the Bible. We are Christians only! The West Fayetteville church of Christ is not affiliated in any manner with the denominational church known as "The United Church of Christ" or with the group known as "The International Church of Christ". We have an aggressive program of teaching our members from both the pulpit and in Bible classes. Our elders have established Bible classes at the church building twice a week - before the Sunday A.M. worship service and on Wednesday Evenings. We have Bible classes for all ages (including infants and toddlers). Additionally, we encourage private Bible studies in the homes of members and non-members alike. We currently have 2 elders, Eugene Edwards and Bob Fancher, and 2 deacons, Michael Williams and Greg Jones. Stan Caldwell works full-time with this congregation as a preacher and teacher. The West Fayetteville Family works hard to maintain brotherly love and a close family atmosphere. We believe that the Bible teaches that there are some responsibilities and functions which we are to perform as a local congregation and others as individual Christians (Matt. 18:15-17; 1 Tim. 5:16). You will not find a kitchen, fellowship hall, or other social buildings on our church properties. Though we often spend social time with each other in our homes or in other ways outside of services, we do this as individuals and not as a church function. The work of the Lord's church is spiritual (Eph. 4:11,12; 1 Pet 2:9-10). The church is self-sufficient and able to fully pay the preacher his salary.
Contact: Andy Croley  (301) 509-9491  fishngrod@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: West Fayetteville church of Christ, 5272 Butternut Drive, Fayetteville, NC  28304
Date Submitted: September 6, 2020

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Harrah church of Christ
Congregation's Website: Harrah church of Christ
Comments: ​We are looking for a preacher that preaches the word from the Bible, and only the Bible. He must be able to do some personal work, visit the hospitals and shut-ins. We are a small congregation of about 20-25 in Harrah, OK, which is a suburb of Oklahoma City. We own our building and have a preachers house next door. We do not have elders but have capable men to handle the church business. We are very friendly and out-going. We want a full time preacher and are flexible about the office schedule. We are an older congregation of mostly senior citizens. Don't hesitate to call with any questions.
Contact: Jim Foshee Home: (405) 964-2505 Cell: (405) 517-8301  jfoshee5@aol.com
Correspondence Address: Jim Foshee, 1496 N. Highway Dr., McLoud, OK 74851
Date Submitted: October 9, 2020

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Shippensburg church of Christ
Congregation's Website: www.shippensburgchurchofchrist.org
Comments: ​We are actively seeking a motivated man who would assist our preacher with personal work, sermons, lessons and other associated duties as a "Timothy" who aspires to be a full time evangelist. We are a small congregation in south-central PA where average attendance is in the mid to upper 40's. We are not able to provide support, however, we might be able to help with room and board for the right candidate. Some work is available in area as help wanted signs are visible at local business's. If you are the one interested and want to know more, call or write us and we will go from there. Thank you for your consideration.
Contact: Don Shearer  (717) 532-6356  hd_shearer3@yahoo.com
Contact: Dennis Adams (Evangelist)  (717) 532-5599  dadams4@hotmail.com
Correspondence Address: Shippensburg church of Christ, 412 E. King St., Shippensburg, PA  17257
Date Submitted: February 12, 2020
Date Renewed: June 6, 2020
Date Renewed: October 6, 2020

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6th and Meredith church of Christ
Congregation's Website: dumaschristians.com
Comments: The 6th & Meredith church of Christ, in Dumas, Texas, is looking for a preacher. This local congregation was established in 1919. It is the only English speaking non-institutional congregation in Moore County. Attendance is currently about 50 with several young singles, married couples and young children. There is a Spanish speaking congregation with a full-time preacher, Javier Palomares, that meets in our building. We have established a 2-year preacher training program under the direction of David M. Bonner to train a young preacher in Bible study, sermon preparation and presentation, personal evangelism, public speaking, teaching of Bible classes, and in discussion of religious issues. In addition to the opportunities to preach and teach here there will be opportunities to preach for a congregation in a neighboring county. Adding to the preacher's salary the church has a nice brick 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage home in an excellent neighborhood with exceptional schools. Dumas is a friendly growing community in the Texas Panhandle about 45 miles north of Amarillo. Two major U.S. Highways, 87/287, come through Dumas and connect us to within 1 to 3 hours from New Mexico and Colorado. Dumas is very economically and ethnically diverse with farming & ranching, oil & gas, a Valero refinery, a Continental Carbon Black plant, JBS plant, an excellent healthcare system, and a very diverse mixture of smaller industries.
Contact: David M. Bonner (806) 679-3311  drdavidbonner@gmail.com
Correspondence Address: Dr. David M. Bonner, 1204 Melinda Lane, Dumas, TX 79029
Date Submitted: June 6, 2020
Date Renewed: October 12, 2020

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Concord church of Christ
Congregation's Website: None
Comments: ​We are looking for a great gospel preacher, who is very conservative, and willing to work hard for our Lord, and has some financial support, as we could only provide about $200 per month.  He would need to be willing to move to a very rural area (farm country, we do not lock our doors).
Contact: Wayne Butler  work: (276) 694-3530  home: (276) 694-2738  reltub@centurylink.net
Correspondence Address: Wayne Butler, 2561 Dobyns Road, Stuart, VA   24171
Date Submitted: March 25, 2020
Date Renewed: July 29, 2020

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