Sermon Outlines and Charts
The PDF Outlines and PPT Charts are to be used to the glory of God. However, I do ask that if you use any of the PPT charts, that you give credit to Richard Thetford as the originator of the charts.
How Committed Are We?
Is There Evidence of Christ in You?
The Devil Knows
Heaven, Our Eternal Home
Calling Black Black and White White
What Do I Still Lack?
The Danger of Defeatism
We Are Known By Our Fruit
Be Watchful
Purposeful Living
Four Steps to Apostasy
Three T's to Eternity
Let Us Draw Near to God
Take Away the Stone
What Will Others Say About Us Over Our Grave?
Look What You Made Me Do -- (Kelly Spencer)
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Are You a "Good" Person?
Prove All Things
Where Are the Nine?
Increase Our Faith
"Idle Talk" or Gossip
Why Do Christians Have Problems?
Satan is Having a Field Day (The Sins of Summer)
One and Done
Religious But Not Righteous
Our Divided Affections
Yield Not to Temptation
God's Traffic Lights
Duties of Christians
A Faith That Will Not Shrink
Let Us Not Grow Weary While Doing Good
Our Goal - Attained Through Endurance
Bearing Burdens
The Choice Is Ours
Immodesty - Biblical Principles
Immodesty - Adjusting Our Thinking
The Value of Righteous Living
Addicted: To the Ways of the World, or the Ways of the Lord?
Enduring Temptation
Eternal Insurance
There Was No More Sea
Forks in the Road of Life
Glorifying God through Thankfulness
The Power of Influence
Living By the Golden Rule
The New Life
Being Devoted to God
Pressing Toward the Goal
Let Us Not Depart from the Living God
When I Must Stand Alone
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Troubles and Cares
Go the "Second Mile" Religion
For Such a Time as This
Attitudes Toward Truth and Life
We May Certainly Know the Certainties
Is Your Heart Right with God?
Death Is Precious for God's Saints
​True Disciples of Christ
Living by Faith
Practicing Forgiveness
Flight From Duty
Our Christian Influence
Workers for the Lord
Spiritual Distancing
Our Christian Conduct
Money and the Christian
Growing Spiritually
In God's Eyes
Condemned by the Tongue
Forgiving One Another
Be Thankful
Determined to Be Better
Precious Faith
Wearing the Name Christian
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