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  • When a church to work with has been secured, please send me an e-mail message letting me know so that your listing can be promptly removed.
Information Form
Benjamin Estes
Comments: I'm a Christian of 22 years I love to sing I try to live each day in preparation for the Lord calling me home I love preaching the Bible and Speaking the truth in love.
E-Mail: iron264@yahoo.com
Cell: (731) 730-0285
Mailing Address: 531A Mifflin Ave., Henderson, TN   38340
Date Submitted: August 8, 2019

Adam Kendall-Ball
Comments: I returned in November 2018 from almost 8 years working with churches in Zimbabwe and South Africa. I have been doing some fill-in preaching for a few congregations since then (now in Alabama) and while looking for a church to work with full-time. I am 45 years old and have been preaching the gospel for nearly 20 years. I have worked with churches in Texas, Georgia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and The Netherlands.
E-Mail: adamkendallball@gmail.com
Cell: (256) 318-4951
Mailing Address: 517 Roebuck Drive, Birmingham, AL   35215
Date Submitted: October 8, 2019

Kenneth Carter
Comments: I am 36 years old and have been doing preaching and Bible Class at the congregation I attend (Franklin church of Christ, Ohio). I love preparing and giving lessons. Most of my lessons have a lot of verses to show proof of what I preach about is the truth from God.
E-Mail: kcarter170388@gmail.com
Cell: (937) 607-7924
Mailing Address: 155 Mark Lane, Fairborn, OH   45324
Date Submitted: October 11, 2019

Seth McDonald
Comments: I am 34 years old with a wife and two children. I preached in Clearwater, Florida for 5 years. After our first son passed away and a miscarriage, we had to step away from preaching for a time. We are ready to get back to doing what I love. I am passionate about spreading the gospel, training young people, and using the Bible to counsel any who are suffering because of loss or sin in their own lives. I currently live in Cookeville, Tennessee and am doing secular work while teaching and fill-in preaching. I prefer to stay within a 3 hour drive of middle Tennessee, but am willing to listen to any opportunity.
E-Mail: slmcdonald21@gmail.com
Cell: (931) 326-9843
Mailing Address: 1036 Hawthorn Drive, Cookville, TN  38501
Date Submitted: November 12, 2019

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