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The 70 A.D. Doctrine
Matthew 24
The Second Coming of Christ
The Resurrection of the Dead
The Day of Judgment and the End of the World
Consequences of the 70 A.D. Doctrine


The Growth of the Church
The Problem of Sin in the Church
Church Growth by Keeping the Church Pure
Church Growth by Right Relationships
Church Growth by Faith


The Difference Between churches of Christ
Bible Authority and Truth
Fellowship Halls and Entertainment
Church Cooperation


Marriage and the Home
Some Causes for Marriage Failure
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
The Husband
The Wife
The Children


The Tongue
Television, Movies and Music


Abel and Enoch
  • Audio
The Heavenly Hope


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Brotherly Kindness



There's A Great Day Coming
Preparing Our Heart to Seek the Law of the Lord
Backsliding Preventives
Who is Your Father?
Love is the Foundation
Our Transformation
The Souls of Hell's Eternity
Running the Race of Our Life!
Seeing Ourselves as God Sees Us
Choosing the Right Road
The Brevity of Life
Let Us Examine Ourselves
The Marks of a Mature Christian
  • Outline
Taking Responsibility For Our Actions
Life's Journey to the End
Am I?
When I Must Stand Alone
Lost Religious People
What Is a Christian?
What Counsel Do You Seek?
Questions of Life
The Need for Bible Study
The Source and Object of Man's Love
Growing Older
Your Progress May Be Evident to All
Redeeming the Time
Adopt A High Way
Given to Hospitality
Committing Ourselves to Excellence
Character and Reputation
Steps to Spiritual Maturity
The Paradox of Contentment
Seven "Blunders" of Man
Are We an Imitation or Genuine Believer?
People of Good Reputation
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The Battle Within
The Change of Heart
Fellowship With the Lord
Certainties That Should Sober Us
The Golden Calf and the Christian
The Sin of In-sliding
God's People Are Special
What Should We Do With Our Conscience?
Standing Up for the Truth
Being Abel Minded
Temptations and Trials
The Renewing of Our Mind
My Life, My Faith, My Hope
The Christian: Winning By Losing
Drawing Close to God
The Shield of Faith

NEW TESTAMENT (Parables, etc.)

Where Millions Miss "the way"
The Barren Fig Tree
Understanding Judging
New Testament Greetings
The Samaritans
The Parable of the Hidden Treasure
Lessons Learned From Twelve Disciples

DOCTRINE (Authority, God, Holy Spirit, Resurrection, Sin)

God's Mirror For Man's Soul
Reverence for the God of the Covenant
The Teaching of God
The Proper Attitude Toward God's Word
Understanding the Godhead
The Gift of the Holy Spirit
Authority in Religion
The Inspiration of the Bible
The Heavy Price of Sin
Satan's Place
The Resurrection of Man
Active Ingredients of Godly Sorrow
Nots in the Devil's Tale
The Alien Sinner and Marriage
God's Judgment
God Has Spoken
Introduction to the Bible
Out with the Old - In with the New
Ask for the Old Paths
The Proper Attitude Toward the Bible
Don't Get Swallowed Up in Sin
The Importance of the Bible
The Silence of God
Do You Really Believe in God?
Cart Before the Horse Religion
Hell is Real
The Thief on the Cross
The Hand of God Working in Our Life
Saved By Grace
The Proper Attitude Toward God's Word
The Word of God Says.....
Three Things Sin Will Always Do
The Holy Spirit
What If?
The Sabbath or First Day of the Week?
Why I Left 
The Work of the Holy Spirit 
Receiving the Implanted Word 
God versus Man - Then and Now 
Is Heaven Our Destination?
The Joy That Awaits Us
Can A Child of God Sin and Be Lost?
The Doctrine of Christ
Hell's Haunting Fury
The Oneness of God
The Fear of the Lord
Beware of False Prophets
The Root of Sin
The Social Gospel
What Does the Next Verse Say?
The Gospel Helps Us
The Authority of the Scriptures
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Sin and Its Consequences
Doing Things Exactly Right
Smorgasbord Religion
Do We Need a "New Gospel?"
Is Doctrine Really Important?
Have You Not Read?​


Did Jesus Christ Die in Vain?
  • Outline
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  • Audio
Not the Manger, But the Cross
Fulfilled Through the Fulfillment of Prophecy
Disciples of Christ
Jesus Closed the Book
The Star in the East
The Cross of Christ
The Distinctness of Jesus
Perversions and Diversions of Christmas
Jesus: The Way, The Truth, The Life
My Word Has No Place in You
Is Your Jesus Who You Think He Is?
The Invitation of Christ
Remembering Jesus
He Left Us An Example
The Blessings of Being in Christ
Jesus, the Son of God
  • Audio
The Great Physician
Jesus Christ - A Better Sacrice
Jesus, A True Friend
No Room for Jesus
The Mystery of Godliness
Some Things Jesus Had
Some Things Jesus Never Had
Who Was Responsible for Killing Jesus?
If Anyone Is In Christ
What Shall I Do With Jesus?
It Was Said, But I Say
Victory Through Christ
Glorying in the Cross
Christmas and Christ
Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?
The Despised and Rejected Christ
The Deity of Christ (1)
The Deity of Christ (2)
The Deity of Christ (3)
The Deity of Christ (4)
Keep Your Eyes Focused on the Rock


How Committed Are We?
Is There Evidence of Christ in You?
The Devil Knows
Heaven, Our Eternal Home
Calling Black Black and White White
What Do I Still Lack?
The Danger of Defeatism
We Are Known By Our Fruit
Be Watchful
Purposeful Living
Four Steps to Apostasy
Three T's to Eternity
Let Us Draw Near to God
The Devil's Plan For You
Take Away the Stone
What Will Others Say About Us Over Our Grave?
Look What You Made Me Do -- (Kelly Spencer)
  • Outline
Are You a "Good" Person?
Prove All Things
Where Are the Nine?
Increase Our Faith
"Idle Talk" or Gossip
Why Do Christians Have Problems?
Satan is Having a Field Day (The Sins of Summer)
One and Done
Religious But Not Righteous
Our Divided Affections
Yield Not to Temptation
God's Traffic Lights
Duties of Christians
A Faith That Will Not Shrink
Living For God Among Our Peers
Let Us Not Grow Weary While Doing Good
Our Goal - Attained Through Endurance
Bearing Burdens
The Choice Is Ours
Immodesty - Biblical Principles
Immodesty - Adjusting Our Thinking
The Value of Righteous Living
Addicted: To the Ways of the World, or the Ways of the Lord?
Enduring Temptation
Eternal Insurance
There Was No More Sea
Forks in the Road of Life
Glorifying God through Thankfulness
The Power of Influence
Living By the Golden Rule
The New Life
Being Devoted to God
Pressing Toward the Goal

WORSHIP (Lord's Supper, Prayer, Music, Attitudes)

Our Worship and the Lord's Supper
The Bible's Guide for Unity
Expecting the Impossible
The Right Combination
The Joy of Serving God
Our Worship and Music in the Church
The Meaning of the Lord's Supper
Unacceptable Worship to God
Christian Giving
God Approved Music in Worship
Worship - Its Affect on My Salvation
The Purpose of a Sermon the Lord
Vain, Ignorant, or True?
The Ideal Church Member
Human Feelings and Truth
The Joys of Worship
Reverence for the God of the Covenant
The Road of Unfaithfulness


Baptism: What it Does and What it Does Not Do
You Don't Have to be Baptized .... Unless
God Demands Obedience
How Does One Become A Christian?
The Failure to Accept the Obvious
The Confession of Our Faith
The Conversion of the Ethiopian
Into What Were You Baptized?
God's Teaching on Baptism
Confident of Our Salvation
Faith and Salvation
The Making of a Christian
Who Will Really Be Saved?
The Salvation of Noah
The Example of Philip
God's Dividing Line
Answering the Call of God
Why Hear the Word?
The Salvation Process

CHURCH (Organization, Work, Preaching, Liberalism)

What is A Sound Church?
Church Discipline
Local Church Membership
Local Church: Qualities of the Contributing Member
Local Church: Attitudes That Are Needed
The Lord's Church
The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
The Enemy Behind
Is One Church as Good as Another?
The church of Christ
Let's Name This Church
The House of God
The Saved and the Church
Practicing Church Discipline
The Edification of the Body
The Lord's Church - Not a Denomination
The Bride of Christ
The Lord's Church is Right​
The Establishment of the Church
The Making of a Strong Church
​The Work of the Church
Membership and Salvation in the Lord's Church
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​Striving Together for the Faith
So Near, Yet So Far


When That Which is Perfect Has Come
Let Each One Take Heed How He Builds
God's Guidelines for Living
Faith Realized in the Risen Christ
If We Love - Proper Actions Will Follow
Coming Together to Fill the Heart
The Nobleman's Son Healed
That He Might Preserve Us Alive
Matters of Opinion or Matters of Doctrine?
Attitudes and Actions of the Christian
The Rich Fool
Learning From the Ephesians
Laborers in the Vineyard
The Woman's Need to Touch Jesus
The Rock and the Sand
Placing Ourselves Under the Mighty Hand of God
The Thessalonians
Don't Shoot the Messenger
  • Outline
Giving Thanks to Our God
Remember Now....
Letting Go and Moving On

HOME AND FAMILY (Young People)

A Mother's Sacrificial Love
Extraordinary Mothers
Two Mothers, Two Influences
The Importance of Fathers​
Mothers Pleasing to God
Mary and Martha - A Contrast

BIBLE CHARACTERS (Old or New Testament)

The Mistakes of Naaman
Lessons Learned From Uzzah
The Man with Such Great Faith
The Twelve Spies
  • Outline
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  • Audio
The Faith of Abraham
The Struggles of Jacob
The Uprightness and Perfection of David
David's Sin and Repentance
The Courage of Ananias
Paul's Four Major Accomplishments​
The Great Faith of Noah
Joseph, God's Successful Servant


Jeremiah's Word Pictures
Death in the Pot
Flight From Duty
Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge
The Days of Noah
The Fall of Jericho
Give Me This Mountain
Putting the Proverbs to Use
David's Charge to Solomon


Realized Eschatology
Can We Receive Salvation by Prayer?
I'll See You in the Rapture
The United Methodist Church
Calvinism - Total Hereditary Depravity

ISSUES (MDR, Fellowship, Society)

Does Everyone Have the Right to His Own Belief?
Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage
There's Nothing Wrong in America
Marriage and Divorce
The Alien Sinner and Marriage


A Caring People
Let Us Not Depart from the Living God
Beginning the New Year
Troubles and Cares​
Spiritual Keys to a Prosperous 2008
Count It All Joy!
Happiness in the Lord
Longing for Heaven, My Eternal Home
Things Happy People Do
Signs of Spiritual Wisdom
The Hall of Faith​
From Earth to Heaven
I'm Just One
Rejoicing and Joy in the Lord
A Gospel Meeting


To God Be the Glory
Blessed Asssurance
The Existence of God
The God of Heaven Does Exist
​How Can I Know God Exists?
Does It Really Matter Whether God Exists?


Come and Learn - Go and Teach
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  • Audio
Talking, Planning, Studying
Go Into All the World
What Can I Do in Personal Evangelism?


Wonderful Words of Life
  • Outline
In the Glory of His Cross
  • Outline
Jesus is Coming Again!
  • Outline
Follow Me
  • Outline
Savior, Guide Me
  • Outline
Anywhere with Jesus
  • Outline
​The Love of God
  • Outline
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