You and the Passing of Time

Bill Hall

Due to commitment, persistence and consistency on your part, and with the help of God, what should anyone expect to find in you 15,30, 35, or more years:


1) after you were married?


2) after you became a Christian?


Since both of these are life-time relationships with built in obligations, the answers are:


1) If both you and your spouse are still living, and one should expect to find you still married to each other, still in love, much more mature, much wiser, fulfilling your role of husband or wife, still determined to promote the happiness of your mate.


2) Anyone should expect to find that as a Christian you are far more mature, having a greater knowledge of the Bible, a stronger faith in Christ, a deeper love for God and others, a heart burdened with the souls of the lost, and more capable in spiritual endeavors. Anyone should find you spiritually stronger than ever, more committed to doing God’s will, wiser and humbler, and a decided asset to any congregation.


Are these things happening in your life?