What Has Happened

Steve Niemeier

This question has been asked many times pertaining to many different issues. This question needs to be asked pertaining to the Lord’s church and more importantly needs to be answered.

What has happened to our worship services? When did we decide the Lord was not worthy of our best clothes, our best singing, our best attitudes, our best purpose of our hearts, etc?

What has happened to our Bible studies? When did we decide that an in depth study of God’s word should not be done in our public Bible studies? Many of the new materials written are written to touch the surface of the scriptures as we travel through the Bible in a year or three.

What has happened to our hospitality? When did we decide that the house was the most important thing and not the association? When did we determine that going out to eat would suffice instead of opening our homes to others? We know that hospitality means more than opening our homes and certainly going out to eat is fine but it can never replace the honor of being invited to one’s home.

What has happened to our work ethics of planting and watering the seed of the gospel? When did we decide passing out handbills or tracts was useless? When did we decide that spending money to let people know where we are located and what we teach were not funds well spent?

What has happened to our gospel meetings? When did we decide that reducing the days or the amount of sermons was the best thing to do? When did it become apparent to us that Satan didn’t like for us to be in services for three weeks or two weeks or even a week at a time? As a result we decided to accommodate him and reduce the time spent to a weekend or maybe three days at the most.

What has happened to the Lord’s people? Is it the influence of the world that John tells us not to love in I John 2:15-17? I believe it is!