The Upcoming New Year

Richard Thetford

Not a new beginning, but the beginning of a period of time in which we can draw nearer to the God who will save us for eternity, or to bring upon ourselves more reasons why the God of love cannot save us. The choice is mine and yours individually.

If one (like Paul) who was a murderer, a persecutor of the Lord’s church could make necessary changes to become a saint and to know of a certainty that he would go to heaven, I am suggesting that you and I can also make the necessary changes to follow after him as he followed after Jesus Christ. It depends on what we want and are willing to do.

May the rich blessings of God abide with us as we strive to serve Him faithfully this coming year. Let’s try to make this year our best year ever in our individual service to God. We can do it if we make up our minds right now that this is really what we want to do. Let’s strive to bring one soul to Christ this year through our Christian example and by Bible study. We can do it. We must believe in ourselves and be determined to make positive changes for the Lord and ourselves in 2007!