Ten Keys to A Better Bible Class



1.      Attend promptly and regularly. Missing shows a weak faith and it discourages others.

2.      Bring your Bible. It manifests your readiness to study   and learn.


3.      Participate in class. Share the fruits of your study with others. The class will be more interesting and the teacher will thank God for you.


4.      Say "Amen." If you believe something has been well said, let the teacher (and the class) know it. Don't be bashful.


5.      Take notes. This will not only encourage the teacher, it will set a good example before others. You will also have a written record for later study.


6.      If there is a lesson book or lesson sheet, fill it out at home. You will learn more and be able to contribute more to the class. (2 Tim 2:15)


7.      Show the teacher your appreciation. A word -- or note -- of encouragement will drive him to excel and inspire him to improve his knowledge and communication skills. If you can't be a "Paul," be a "Barnabas." See Acts 4:36.


8.      Disagree sweetly. At least others will know that you have been listening. Your attitude will make it easier for them to see your point of view and profit from it.


9.      Talk up the class. Show some excitement. Tell someone else what you have gained. Invite others to attend with you. Perhaps they, too, will grow excited about this opportunity to learn more of God's will.


10.    Change! This is probably the most difficult part, but a Bible class is of very little value if principles learned are not applied to everyday life.