Some People Who Cannot Be Saved

L. L. Geiger

1) THOSE WHO DO NOT DESIRE IT: However wonderful heaven is, if a person does not want to go there, then neither he nor his loved ones can have any hope of his going. God does not force one to love Him and to dwell in eternal happiness. Man was made a free moral agent to choose for himself his eternal destiny and God respects his choice, whether it be wise or unwise.

2) THOSE WHO REFUSE GOD'S WILL: According to Paul's writing in Romans 10:13-15, people must hear the word and answer the call. The gospel is preached that men may know what to do and those who refuse to respond cannot please Him.

3) THOSE WHO HOLD TO THEIR SINS: Iniquity is a cloud that separates the guilty from God (Isaiah 59:1-2). This must be removed if God would be approached. The one who will not turn away from evil will not let God save him (Luke 13:3)

4) THOSE WHO TRUST IN THEIR OWN WORKS: To have confidence in self is fine, but no man can save himself (Jeremiah 10:23); additional help must be accepted. A man may decide on what pleases him, but God does not see as do men, and He is the one to specify the conditions by which the lost may return to safety. If he is not obedient, man cannot be saved (Matthew 7:21)

5) THOSE WHO HOLD GRUDGES: The Lord said "But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses" (Matthew 6:15). The one who will not forgive another shows that he has no capacity for the quality, hence can receive none.

6) THOSE WHO ARE CARELESS: Since men have no lease on life it is exceedingly unwise to put off serving God. The careless are wasting opportunities, exhibiting little faith, having the wrong influence, being possessed of a spirit of lethargy, and are not true to the Lord and cannot be saved.

THE LAKEVIEW BULLETIN 9/28/67, Taken from The Instructor Volume 25, Number 1, January 1988