Putting the Gospel Meeting to Use

Richard Thetford

The gospel meeting last week with brother Danny McKibben was certainly beneficial to everyone that came and listened to the message of God proclaimed. I’m sure everyone who took the time to attend the meeting was edified by the preaching of brother McKibben. We can see in brother McKibben a true soldier of Christ, trying desperately to get others to understand the urgency of obeying the gospel invitation of our Lord. But now I ask: “What can we do to put this gospel meeting to use?” Those of us that attended the meeting certainly understand the power of the gospel and the need for everyone to hear it. Each of us should develop a renewed zeal for the Lord, wanting to please Him in all that we say or do. One way that we can please Him is to tell others about Him. Think about your own conversion to Christ — aren’t you glad that someone had the nerve to share with you the good news of salvation in Christ? What if that person passed you by without bothering to mention Jesus? Where would you be today — and where would you be spending eternity?

What Can We Do Now?

The gospel meeting is over but our love for the Lord should not be. As Christians we should be filled with a greater enthusiasm to serve our Lord. As a result of this meeting, I believe there are a few things that we all can do to show our love for Jesus, the alien sinner, and for our own number. 1) We can take every opportunity to share the gospel to those we come in contact with, inviting them to come to church services. 2) We can call and visit those who visit the congregation here for the first time, possibly looking for the right church to attend. 3) We can call and visit those of our number that become physically sick. Certainly this meeting should have taught us not to forsake Christ (Luke 6:46; Gal 6:10; Matt 28:18-20; Heb 10:25-26). May the preaching of Danny McKibben create a renewed enthusiasm within us to be better servants of God.