Prayer Is Our Right

Carey Scott

Much has been said about prayer in school. Even though the Supreme Court abolished prayer in school, it has continued on by the faithful of God. It does not matter that the government has ruled that prayer is not allowed. God gives the right of prayer to everyone who chooses to pray to Him. Jesus prayed on the cross. Why can’t we pray everyday?

Christians do not need permission to pray to God. Christians should not allow anyone to deprive you of your right to pray. Our schools would be better places if there were more students and teaches not afraid to pray. Students have the right to gather together to pray if they so choose. Our schools and workplaces would be better off to keep God around. Certainly, the behaviors of those seeking to please God have a much higher standard than those who do not seek God’s favor. No one in our society can be denied the right to pray. As time goes along, perhaps our rights will become a punishable offence. So be it. Do not be surprised that the five-time a day prayer of Muslims will be permissible, but even once a day prayers to God will be taboo. Wake up all of you; it is coming if we do not take steps to stop this madness.

Please to all those who claim to be Christians. Pray to God. Pray in public places and in private places. Gather some friends and pray to God. Parents, teach your children to pray. Our job is to pray for others and even our government officials that deny us our right to public prayer. We should pray for our enemies, that they be turned away from wanting to cause us harm. If everyone would acknowledge God and pray, God will hear and heal our land and our society. Anytime is a good time for prayer. Join up with the faithful and pray to God. Do not be ashamed to lift up your voice to the God of Heaven. Having God on our side will guarantee success in life, in school, at work, and in the home.

Our right to pray to God is made available to those who seek God and seek to serve Him. For our prayers to be effective, we must have a right relationship with God, and ask for things according to His will. So repent of your sins, and stop sinning, confess the name of Jesus as your Lord, and be baptized for the remission of your sins. After this process, you must remain faithful to God so that you can have all the rights of a Christian.