Parents — Are You Listening?

Edward Bragwell, Sr.

Some mothers I knew were working on mailing bulletins at a church building where I preached at the time. They were talking about how hard it is on young Christians in our present society. One bemoaned how hard it is on them to not get to go to the prom or participate in certain sports, pageants, etc. because of the immodesty of what they would have to wear. Another lamented how hard it is for them to have to say, “no,” to many other activities their peers were into or going to places where they hangout.

One mother who hadteenage daughter spoke up and said, “We try not to let (girl’s name) know that she’s missing a thing.” I like her reply. Two of the mothers by their attitude were no doubt signaling to their children the message, “You poor underprivileged child. I am sorry you cannot enjoy your youth because you're a Christian.” The third mother was signaling to her child, “You are the privileged one. You enjoy the blessings of being in Christ, so in reality you are not missing a thing by foregoing the momentary pleasures of this world.”