Mark These People

Bill Hall

Quickly now - What type of people are to be marked by Christians according to the scriptures? Those who cause divisions and offenses contrary to Christ's doctrines? Yes, for so we are taught in Romans 16:17.

There is another type of person to be marked, however. "Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample" (Philippians 3:17 KJV). The word "mark" is not synonymous with the word "withdraw." According to W.E. Vine, the word means "to look at, behold, watch, contemplate." Those who are evil, then, are to be marked and avoided; while those who walk in God's way are to be marked and followed.

Godly elders should be marked. Elders are to be examples to the flock (I Peter 5:3). They are to be men whose character is above reproach, who rule their own house well, who are hospitable, and whose sound teaching can convict the gainsayers. We know such elders, and their example is priceless. Even after such men have passed on, they are to be remembered: "Remember those who rule over you, who have spoken the word of God to you, whose faith follow (a similar word to mark-BH), considering the outcome of their conduct" (Hebrews 13:7). Thank God for godly elders; mark them and follow their good example.

Godly women should be marked. If there are women in the congregation who stand out for their piety and humility, whose major attractiveness is their "meek and quiet spirit," who have adorned themselves with good works, who love their husband and children, who find joy and contentment in being a wife and mother and keeper at home, who feel no resentment toward their position of subjection to man, who have devoted their lives to doing God's will - and there are such women in every congregation - then mark these godly women and follow their example. In these days when the women's liberation movement is affecting so many and actually intimidating many women who want to do right, it is wonderful to have godly women in the church who are able to lead the way and provide a role model for other women who are Christians. Thank God for godly women; mark them and follow their example.

Godly preachers should be marked. Not all preachers are godly, but most of the gospel preachers of our acquaintance are godly men whose lives speak as effectively as do their lips. They do their work, not as hirelings, but as men concerned for the truth and the souls of men and women. Mark such men and follow their example!

Godly parents, godly young people, godly older people, godly suffering people, godly dying people - the godly faithful! How sad that some are so blinded by the faults of the few that they cannot see the virtues of the many. Good people are all around us. Let's look for them, contemplate their good qualities, mark them, and follow their example.