Joseph — Never Defeated

Lalo Enriquez

The Old Testament story of Joseph is one of the most beautiful in written literature. It is found in Genesis chapters 37-50. It's a wonderful story of never giving up; of faith in the midst of trial. Because of his complete trust in God, he would not acknowledge defeat.

Beginning at age seventeen much tragedy would befall him. His brothers, out of envy, sold him to slave traders who then took him to Egypt. As a slave to an Egyptian official, he was falsely accused of attempted rape and was thrown in prison for several years. In all his trials, Joseph would not be defeated.

He never lost hope, and because of this he was blessed. He eventually became a ruler in Egypt, second only to Pharaoh. And, he eventually brought his family to Egypt, saving them from the great famine that plagued the world at that time.

It would do well for us to read this story often, especially when we're pressed down with problems. We'd be wise to apply to our lives it's beautiful truths of faith and perseverance under trial. There's absolutely no excuse to lose faith in God and to give up. God knows our problems. He wants to bless us. But only if we maintain our faith and trust in Him, and only if we keep doing those things that are right in His sight.