Doing More For the Lord in 2009

Lalo Enriquez

MORE DAILY WALKING WITH JESUS IN 2009: Faithful members of God’s family will “walk with God” as “Enoch walked with God” (Gen 5:24), and “Noah walked with God” (Gen 6:9). Walking with the LORD simply means that we live and act (and react) every day as He instructs us in His Word. At work, school, home, or at play - wherever we find ourselves, we respond to daily responsibilities and/or pleasures according to the principles taught in the Bible.

MORE DAILY BIBLE READING IN 2009: Faithful members of Christ’s church who desire to keep a spiritual “edge” will read their Bibles as often as possible. Even busy people can (busy people especially should) develop daily Bible reading habits. Pick up a reading chart and make it a point to spend a few minutes each day reading God’s holy book. It could be in the morning before going to work, or at lunch-time for just a few minutes, or at night before retiring to bed, or anytime in between these. If you miss one day, don’t miss the next. Statistics show that it takes 21 days before daily Bible reading becomes a habit, and only 3 days to break it. Commitment and consistency are keys to success. “And they searched the scriptures daily....” (Acts 17:11).

MORE FAITHFULNESS IN ASSEMBLING IN 2009: Assembling with those of like precious faith at each appointed assembly should be of utmost importance to every Christian. The times of worship and Bible study should be AUTOMATIC in a Christian’s weekly schedule. These are times when we are spiritually (and mutually) built up and encouraged. Christians should depend on one another to attend faithfully at all the assemblies set aside by the congregation.

MORE “CHRISTIAN” SOCIAL ACTIVITY IN 2009: Christians need to regularly associate with other Christians aside from the scheduled assemblies of the church. We need each other to encourage and strengthen each other. Over one hundred times the New Testament writers use the term “one-another, love one another, comfort one another, exhort one another, serve one another, use hospitality one to another,” etc. Christians should make friends from those of the world (to evangelize), but our closest friends should be of those in Christ!