Attending Bible Classes

Barney Keith

There is one fact that is undeniable about the life of every Christian – he is saying something to those around him by every action of his life. Without any vocal sounds he speaks volumes by his conduct. In this way many a Godly wife has won her husband to the Lord (1 Peter 3:1-2). In this way the shining light of a good life has caused onlookers to glorify God (Matthew 5:16). And even after a righteous person has departed from this life, "he being dead yet speaketh" (Hebrews 11:4). So it is with reference to our attitudes and actions in the work and worship of the Lord in His church. When a person who loves to attend the Bible classes in the local congregation does so faithfully, that Christian is saying something loud and clear. Think about it for a moment. What is he saying?


(1) He is saying to any who observe him, "I love the word of God to the extent that I will take the time to attend classes where my knowledge of it can increase."


(2) He is saying to others, "I realize my need of stronger faith as I strive to please the Lord. I know that it cannot be strengthened without the word of God (Romans l0:17). Being present for Bible study helps me build on the right foundation."


(3) He is saying by his regular attendance, "I appreciate good and faithful Christians who spend hours studying so that they may teach me. I know that it takes much real dedication on their part to do this good work. I certainly want to be there to hold up their hands and to benefit from the study they have put into each lesson. If they devote so much effort in preparing lessons, I surely want to be present in the classes to listen to their instruction."


(4) He is saying, "I find great value and help from spending time with brothers and sisters in Christ in searching God’s word together. I have all too little time as it is with my spiritual family in the local church. This extra hour or so means much to me in building stronger ties with them. I know that we all share a deep concern for our souls. And quite often I am helped by the comments of others in the class."


(5) He is saying, by his consistent presence in the classes, “I appreciate what the elders of the congregation are doing for my benefit as they plan and arrange classes for the edification of the church. I am cooperating with them to accomplish their objective – MY increased knowledge of the truth.”


In nearly every place attendance at Bible study needs some improvement. That improvement will come from Christians who have opened their eyes to the grave importance of doing all they can to insure their soul’s salvation in the world to come. That improvement will be accomplished by good men and women who have their hearts set on things above more than on things of the earth (Colossians 3:1-2). Let me appeal to ALL members to make a careful· appraisal of your commitment to the Lord, His word and His kingdom. Let all of us make SURE that we all "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness..." (Matthew 6:33). Without doubt, when this is done carefully and prayerfully, the attendance question will be properly answered, and all other questions as well.