An Injustice Done to Men!

Jarrod Jacobs

Someone once said, “No greater injustice can be done to any person than to give them the impression that they are saved when, in fact, they are not.” How true this is! Brethren, let us not be guilty of allowing our friends and neighbors to go through life having never heard the gospel! May we never be guilty of the quote above and leave our friends with the impression that they are saved from sin when they are not!


How could such a thing happen? Perhaps the most common way this is done is when we know our friends are in religious error and we say nothing to them about it (James 4:17)! How terrible it would be to see our friends and neighbors stand before Christ and be sent to a devil’s Hell because we did not tell them the truth and they died in their sin (John 8:24; 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9)! Are you one who does not give others the opportunity to hear the gospel preached? How many people have you invited to the worship services this week? This month? This year? How many have you taken an interest in and showed them how the Bible can answer the most important questions of life? How many times have you shirked your duty and then soothed your conscience with excuses? These are good indicators of where your priorities truly are!


Do we allow fear of losing a friend, or the fear of being considered a “fanatic”, etc., keep us from doing what we should (Matthew 10:28)? If we have, then let us repent and determine to show folks the truth before it is too late!


Christ said, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God ...” (Matthew 6:33). Friends, after we pass on, what will be left? Where will we, our friends and neighbors spend eternity? What effort are we making to help folks go to Heaven? Or, are our lost friends under the impression that they are saved already?